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Sept 26 2015
14 tishrei 5776

9:45 AM 
Starting over.


Kehilah Kol Shalom , will be holding a special service this week to begin anew serving the York PA area 
The feast of tabernacles  

It's not your normal camp out!


hope to see you all there ...


For more information contact Roeh Clay 

717 -741-9575  or contact him on Facebook (MRoeh clayton) 


Shalom Beit
peace in the home
something we need to strive for

Shabbat in the home is just that. Shabbat is a day of rest,
But not just any rest  
It is a rest from the stresses of life and also that which is mundane. 

It gives a fammily a chance to reconnect, nurture, and grow in faith and in fun.
 Shabbat shalom is a peace that brings us closer to G-d by bringing our 
families closer together and shutting out the  influence of rushing to meet society's deadlines .
Play with the children, study with 
them, and rejoice in the chance to renew your life as a family .
In this you honor the shabbat



Join Roeh Clay  at Kehilah Kol Shalom  Messianic Community
in Red Lion Pa 

Coming Soon

Accelerated Introduction to hebrew 

A Bi Weekly class  focused on the learning of the Aleph Bet ,and very basic vocabulary used in the bible and in our prayers and holidays

start time is 9 am 
cost : $20.00 
(in the pushke please if on shabbat)

Upon course completion you should be able to pronounce most hebrew words you encounter in the Torah and TaNak  and know the meaning of many .
For more information contact Roeh Clay 
717 -741-9575  or contact him on Facebook (Clayton Young) 

Kehilah Kol Shalom is a CTOMC Charter Ministry 
teaching One Torah for Jew and gentile believer in Messiah Yeshua


 Special Announcements  

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We are now on the storm watch closings system for:              FOX 43 and WGAL TV8 
 If you think we may  have a cancellation due to weather conditions  please check their web sites and the TV channel


We are currently in DESPERATE need of financial help any help will be appreciated
This ministry is funded only by direct donations and can only continue with your help.

Please make checks payable to :
Clayton Young
with a memo
"Kehilah Kol Shalom" 

 Kehilah Kol Shalom 
2616 Meadowview Drive
York Pa 17402
OR Donate via PayPal  by clicking the donate button above right over the star of David

 About Kol Shalom Ministries

     Kol Shalom Messianic Ministries is a group of Messianic Jews  and Gentiles working together to Spread the good news of  Messiah Yeshua to both the Jewish and Gentile communities. We worship in the same manner and follow the same basic traditions as the majority of the Jewish community. The singular difference  between us and the traditional Jewish community is our belief that Yeshua Bar Yoseph is indeed the Messiah who is spoken of in the Tanach. 

     We are not a "church", and, although we believe in Yeshua/Jesus,  it is rare* that we refer anyone to a "church".This is mostly because most churches do not understand the need to retain the Torah in their relationship with G-d. For the most part they will say "You are a christian  now , you don't need to follow the rules from the old testament ". This is in error and was not the way of the early followers of Yeshua( Jesus)

We are not Jews For Jesus ,although there are many aspects of their teachings that are valid we are not part of that  group nor do we promote their methods. 


 Therefore we declare this site to be an 

Assimilation Free Zone  

* In the event that there is no Messianic Jewish congregation within an hour to an hour and a half  of someone's home we will refer people to a congregation that we have had a good rapport with (and who will not try to "convert" them from their Jewishness) for fellowship and spiritual support we encourage New followers of the messianic movement to join us for teaching and fellowship on line  on "Inspeak"  and communicate often with your fellow Messianic Believers  .

 Click dates below to see info about events at 

Kehilah Kol Shalom And Family Worship Center

More About Kehilah Kol Shalom

Kehilah kol Shalom became an official C.T.O.M.C. Congregation and recognized Synagogue in 2008 in conjunction with the Ordination of Messianic Minister Clayton Young to Position of Congregational leader .We hold Shabbat Shakarit services every Saturday morning when we have sufficient  people present . when we do not we change our focus to study of the weekly torah portion and introduction to  liturgy and Messianic Praise and Worship music.

Untill recently our ministry was primarily in the area of music and Guest Speakers for special services. However as the organization grows we are doing much more at the congregational level as we teach the values and traditions G-d has set down for the people He holds dear to His heart. Our current focus is on teaching Torah, as the Word of G-d, And Yeshua as the Torah made flesh which tabernacled among us.
For this reason services vary from week to week untill we have a steady minion attending weekly. 

Shabbat Prayer and worship time is not a time for debate of religious norms or "CHURCH" doctrine. This is a messianic JEWISH shul , and our focus is the Torah,Neveim, ketuvim, Talmud, Mishna, Gemara, and Ketuvim Shelichim. (bunny trails at the discretion of the congregational leader during studies. 

   Among other services we plan to provide are classes on such things as:

 Hebraic roots of the modern church

Why we worship differently,

The Kosher laws in Messianic Jewish life,

We aso provide mini classes explaining the different feasts and fasts and how we in the Messianic branch of the Jewish faith celebrate the Biblical Feasts. We have committed ourselves to becoming a light unto the nations speaking Biblical TRUTH as set down in G-d's holy word focusing on the Tanakh but reinforcing it's truth with Yeshua's teachings in the "new Testament"(ha Ketuvim Shelichim) . We are committed to Teaching the biblical truths set in the Holy Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation even if it makes us question where we ourselves stand .

If you want a home congregation where you can hear that all roads lead to salvation , or that we are free to do as we please because we are already saved. This is not be the place for you.

If you believe what Yeshua  has said in scriptures  and understand the concept of Keeping  Torah because we are saved  not to gain that salvation;then you might find us to be a home.

   We teach Torah (G-d's Instruction) as was done by Yeshua and do not teach the ways of the deceiver who seeks to turn us from the ways of HaShem. The Torah is is a tree of life to those who take hold of it , It's ways are ways of pleasantness and all its paths are truth. Yeshua made it clear in Matthew chapter 5  that He did not come to do away with the Torah or the Prophets    but to fulfill them ( to bring them to fullness and clarity ). Curious ?  Read the 5th chapter of Matthew and pray.


   Kehilah Kol Shalom Messianic Community  welcomes ALL people to join us for study and learning about G-d's Holy word. We do this without concern for your age, sex,nationality, religious background, or sexual preference.  Each person entering this building is welcomed with a warm heart and open arms. This does not mean we are willing to bend our beliefs to allow what we consider to be open improper behavior  in the Shul. In today's society it has become normal to see overt acts of intimacy in all sorts of public places. It is not permitted here.This includes any couples or singles no matter their preferences . the leadership WILL  embarrass you if you are behaving immodestly . 

     It has been brought to the attention of leadership that not accepting some behaviors now legal in the USA. makes us bigots. quite the contrary . Kehilah Kol Shalom welcomes all guests regardless of their spiritual standing .We feel each person has freedom to make their own choices. On this basis we as a Bible based congregation adhering to the literal translation of G-d's word, and focusing on the  spirit of the law as well as the letter, and in agreement with the C.T.O.M.C. guidelines for congregations take the following stance on same sex unions:
Kehilah Kol Shalom Messianic Community Does not and will not officiate over or recognize as sanctified in the eyes of G-d  any same sex union. However we welcome the persons to join in on all  classes and worship services. with the  understanding that the leadership here adheres to the laws on this topic. 

This is not a democracy it is a covenent based theocracy with our eternal father,blessed be he, at the head and like misguided children we understand when we make mistakes  he still loves us but disciplines us.

Congregational Leader: 

Messianic Minister  

Clayton L. Young

Phone: 717.741.9575

Email  :



Aug 1, 2015

Va'etchanan | ואתחנן | "I pleaded "

Torah: Deuteronomy 3:23-7:11  

Prophets: Isaiah 40:1-26  

Gospel: Luke 22:13-38  


18 Aug 2015     Ekev                


15 Aug 2015      Re'eh 


22 Aug 2015      Shoftim 

29 Aug 2015      Ki Teitzei 



We do not believe in assimilating Jews into the Christian Church. This  would be an abomination as a Jew does not stop being a Jew just because they /we accept Messiah Yeshua. Therefore we declare this site to be an Assimilation Free Zone      


We Remember the passing of those dear to us

Robert Deraleau 

Betty Barner Young
4-16-1922 to 5-12-1983

Mark Yarnell

Robert Izer , milton Pa.
June 2014

Saliena Young
date pending2000 

Cindy Thomas -Gundrum-Bennett
aug 5 ,1956- may 24,2013

Kathy Nastelli
Dec 22, 2013

Feb. 3, 2014

L.Allyn Welliver
 Dec.29 1924 - April 16, 2015

Betty B. Young
May 16 1922- May 12-1985

Clayton Young SR.
10-28-1911 - July 1977 

Dawn Marie Bortner 
09-22-1970 - 11-20-2015

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   To all who are celebrating the anniversary of their joining the rest of us here on this earth

 Events in the local Jewish Community

Kehilah Kol Shalom holds in high regard the rest of our Jewish community here in the York County area. For this reason we will post events here that are taking place in our spiritual community.

T.B.I.    Temple Beth Israel
O.H.     Congregation Ohev Shalom
FWC      Family worship center event
K.K.S.    Shul  at the shul  865 west broadway  red lion
R.C.      At the home of Roeh Clay
M.C.      Messiah College, Grantham Pa
Y.C.       York College
P.S.Y.     Penn State York


 ACTING OPPORTUNITIES                           ( NO PAY JUST FAME)

 Kol Shalom Messianic Ministries & Kehilah Kol Shalom are  C.T.O.M.C. Charter Members  since 2006


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